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Areas of Practice

This list is not exhaustive, but is a list of the areas within which Turner Jones Legal, LLC frequently practices.  An unlisted area of practice does not indicate that Turner Jones Legal, LLC will not represent in that area of law.  If, however, Turner Jones Legal, LLC is unable to provide you and your case with legal representation, efforts will be made to give you information about attorneys, firms, organizations, or professionals that may be able to assist you further.


     You asked and we answered!  We are now offering real estate closings, in addition to the real estate services we previously offered, as one of our ways to serve our community.  From simple deed preparation and recording for general property transfers to bank-financed or cash sales, we're there to give you the best experience in real estate closings and property transfers!

- Review of your real estate needs
- Title Examinations
- Certificates of Title
- Preparation, Filing, and Recording of Real Estate Deeds
- Cash Closings
- Financed Closings
- Refinances
- Title Insurance


     Whether you are seeking a Registered Agent, need help acquiring an Employer Tax Identification Number, registering with the Secretary of State, or wanting to create your new business, Turner Jones Legal, LLC will be there to help each step of the way. 

What can Turner Jones Legal, LLC do for my business?

- Register the business with the Secretary of State
- Acquire an Employer Tax Identification Number
- Business Formation Documents for:
Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
Limited Partnerships (LLLP)
 Nonprofit Organizations (NPO)
- Registration of Trade Names
- Referrals for your entrepreneur endeavors

We offer extensive and inclusive Business Formation Packages as well as a la carte options.  Please call our office and ask for this information, we are happy to provide it to you!


     Have you taken the time to think about what will happen to your assets when you are no longer physically here to supervise them?  Have you made sure there are plans in place in the event of a catastrophic event or accident that may leave you unable to make decisions in regards to your physical care, finances, and/or property?  Do you need help in making sure the plans you already have in place are proper?  At Turner Jones Legal, LLC your documents can be reviewed or prepared by a professional who can see the "Big Picture."  Looking beyond today to figure out tomorrow's implications is a large part of this area of law.  You aren't planning for your passing, but, rather, you are planning for the beginning of your legacy and the future of your loved ones.

What can Turner Jones Legal, LLC prepare or review for me?

- Simple and Complex Wills
- Honorary Pet Trusts
- Simple Trusts
- Advanced Healthcare Directives
- Power(s) of Attorney
- Protection Plans for your Children

Contact Turner Jones Legal, LLC today to discover if our services can benefit you and your family.

    There are several probate services that Turner Jones Legal, LLC offers.  From helping a special needs child coming into adulthood to seniors needing extra care and attention, to the passing of a loved one, Turner Jones Legal, LLC has you covered.

What can Turner Jones Legal, LLC do for me in Probate Court?

- Estate Administration
- Will Probate
- Adult Conservatorships
- Adult Guardianships
- Special Needs Children Protection Advising

    Are you an attorney seeking a Guardian Ad Litem for your custody, probate, or juvenile matter in Columbia, Wilkes, McDuffie, or Lincoln Counties?  Attorney Jones is a trained Guardian ad Litem available to meet your needs!

     Often, those who are owed money by someone else do not realize that they have rights that can and should be protected.  More often than not, Creditors do not know a Debtor has filed for protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code until they receive notice from the court.  This notice serves as an "alarm" to creditors.  First, it alerts them that a Debtor has filed for protection under the Bankruptcy Code. Second, it alerts them that they must cease all collection efforts for a specified amount of time, perhaps indefinitely, under the Bankruptcy Code. Thirdly, it alerts them that they have rights and they must take action to protect those rights.

    A Creditor's best plan of action is to consult with an attorney who is not only experienced with Bankruptcy Litigation, but specifically Bankruptcy Litigation as it pertains to representing Creditors under the Bankruptcy Code.  To assert and protect your rights, certain forms must be filed with the court under the court's rules and regulations.  There may be a need for Motions or attendance and representation at hearings to ensure that you are getting the best protection available.

    If you are a Creditor in need of representation in the Bankruptcy Courts for the Southern, Middle, or Northern District(s) of Georgia, Turner Jones Legal, LLC has the experience and capabilities to represent you from the Proof of Claim through Adversary Proceedings and Motions.  We see you through to the finish line!  Contact Turner Jones Legal, LLC to see how we can help you fully realize your rights under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

     In addition to representation in Bankruptcy Court, Turner Jones Legal, LLC also offers the following services to banking institutions, realtors, real estate attorneys, materialsmen/contractors, and other creditors:

- Foreclosure Proceedings
- Garnishments
- Liens
- Judgment Enforcement