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As a thank you to our clients, Turner Jones Legal, LLC introduced in 2017, a client referral program as part of its new initiative “TJL CARES.”


            What is TJL Cares?

The TJL* Cares initiative, introduced in 2017, is a program in which TJL involves itself with various charitable events and organizations in the Lincoln County Community to help foster a relationship between the firm and the community-at-large.  Attorney Jones was blessed so much by this community in her lifetime and she wants to be able to use the opportunities she is given to give back to the community that has supported her and continues to support her business.

            What is the TJL Cares Client Referral Program?

            The TJL Care Client Referral Program is a program specifically geared to our former and current clients as a “thank you” for their trust in our firm and entrusting their friends and loved ones to our legal services.  The TJL Cares Client Referral Program, while a part of the overall TJL Cares Initiative, is a separate program and has different requirements for donations to be issued.

How do charities receive donations from TJL Cares Client Referral Program?

            For each successful referral*, Turner Jones Legal, LLC will make a donation to the certified charity* selected by the referral provider*.  Should that charity no longer exist, Turner Jones Legal will make a donation to the next certified charity on the referral provider’s list.

How does the TJL Cares initiative work for client referrals?

            When a referral provider sends a prospective client* to Turner Jones Legal to have their legal needs met, the prospective client will complete an intake form, regardless of their legal need(s).  On the form, the prospective client will be required to complete a section indicating how they heard about the firm or who referred them to the firm.  If the prospective client writes in the name of a referral provider, that individuals charity(ies) become eligible for a donation.   In order for the charity to receive a donation, the prospective client must become a successful referral.  Once the prospective client is a successful referral, Turner Jones Legal will make a donation to the charity at the top of the referral provider’s list.

            What do all these words with “*”s mean?

            We have *starred* certain words to indicate that these words are subject to certain definitions within the guidelines of the TJL Cares Initiative.  These definitions are as follows:

1.       TJL:  An acronym or shortening of the firm name, “Turner Jones Legal, LLC.”

2.      Successful Referral:  This is a referral from a Referral Provider that results in a signed and paid-in-full retainer/fee contract.  Once the full fee (or initial retainer for business clients requiring hourly billing) is paid, Turner Jones Legal considers the referral to be successful.

3.      Certified Charity:  The selected charitable organization must be registered with the IRS/ its local State Department of Revenue as a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to be eligible to receive donations under the TJL Cares Client Referral Program.

This requirement does not apply to charitable organizations getting started or wishing to have involvement from the TJL Cares Initiative, which is separate from the TJL Cares Client Referral Program.  The TJL Cares Initiative, however, does require that those charitable organizations or events be limited to the local City of Lincolnton and Lincoln County, Georgia Community.

4.      Referral Provider:  Any individual that refers a prospective client to Turner Jones Legal, LLC to have their legal needs met.

a.      Official Referral Provider:   Also a referral provider, however, an Official Referral Provider is a former or current client with a TJL Cares Client Referral Program form on file with Turner Jones Legal, LLC.

b.      Anyone listed as a Referral Provider on a successful referral’s form who does not have a TJL Cares Client Referral Program form on file with Turner Jones Legal, LLC will have a donation made by the firm to a charity of the firm’s own selection.  This charity may vary with each donation and is at the sole discretion of the firm at the time of donation.

5.      Prospective Client:  Any individual who contacts or visits Turner Jones Legal, LLC seeking to have their legal needs met, regardless of whether or not a contract/ fee agreement/ retainer is signed and paid.